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Martin Buber Institute for Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies examines the history, languages, literature, religion and philosophy of Judaism in its many cultural contexts from antiquity until modern times.

The focus of the Institute is on the development of the ancient and rabbinical Judaism. In its historic-philological orientation, sources and literature in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages take centre stage.


The Martin-Buber Institute was established in 1966 by  Prof. Dr. Dr. Johann Maier (1966-1996) and was the second institute for Jewish Studies set up in Germany. Currently, PD Dr. Ursula Schattner-Rieser teaches at the institute. Furthermore, various research associates work here too, who are employed within the framework of external funding projects.

The Institute is part of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and a mainstay of interdisciplinary research and teaching at the University of Cologne.

Jewish Studies is a field of study within the accredited Bachelor-/ Master Degree Program Acient Languages and Cultures. These Studies can be studied in combination with another field of study in this program or with any other offered Bachelor/Master Program at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

For more information about the history of Jewish Studies in Cologne, read here (text written by Prof. Dr. Dr. Johann Maier in 1966.